Tuesday, June 29


so i turned 19 yesterday. it was a really great birthday.
we were at the outreach when it turned midnight and was officially June 28th. just a minute or two after midnight, some of the project people came in the room with an ice cream cone, singing happy birthday. the whole room sang to me and i was presented with a birthday cake waffle cone. yummmm :) the rest of the outreach went well, and i got in some good conversation with one girl, koffee. throughout the rest of the night (well morning really), i got hugs and sweet words from various people. gotta love those. :) once we got back to the condo, it was cleaning time, then we went to bed. i kind of got to sleep in in the morning and then went and did yoga with other people. came back to the room, attempted napping, ate pancakes, chilled, open my card from my grandparents and my package from my parents. continued just chilling/hanging out until room checks. then we all went to walmart, the land of fun ;) we ended up stopping and having lunch at chick-fil-a. after walmart, i took kat to the post office and filled iris up with gas. then more chilling, sewed emily's pants back together. then we all drove in a caravan to the outreach location, cade's cove. i love those windy mountain roads. none of the hills were super steep, which was good for iris ;) i love going around curve after curve surrounded by the beautiful forest and streams/river. love love love. not to mention the fun girls and great music in the car. finally got there and had a picnic dinner of hot dogs and the such. then hay ride time! it was literally the huge bed of a truck filled with hay. not the usual hay bales, just loose hay. yay for having a blanket in my car all the time! ;) we rode around cades cove, saw a few bears and deer and turkeys. it was just good hang out/fellowship time. in my area of the bed, nothing too serious happened, but it was great. lots of photos were taken ;) at the end of that we drove home, and through much confusion between the cars, went to mcdonalds for a snack/ice cream. yum. :) came back and hung out a little, sat on the rockers and read velvet elvis. then was surprised with a cake and candles (that they got at walmart earlier in the day, unbeknownst to me) and a card signed by everyone. :) went back out to the rockers, talked with brittany for a while which was really good, and got surprised/visited by rachel and monica just stopping by to say happy birthday one last time. it was really a great birthday. nothing huge and dramatic happened, but i had a great time and i feel very loved. :)
19 doesn't feel any different than 18 did... oh well, now i have to get used to saying that i'm 19! ;)

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