Saturday, July 31


conquered Mount LeConte yesterday, along with 5 other wonderful people. it wasn't as deathly hard as i was anticipating, but i'm not complaining ;) still a great, long hike. i can def feel it in my body that i did something active yesterday. it was gorgeous on the top and there's nothing like climbing to the top of a mountain and knowing you've accomplished something.
after hiking yesterday i came back, showered (which i hadn't done since monday oops) and then napped. then went to apple barn with a bunch of people and got my huge empty stomach filled up with some delicious food. then we just chilled and hung out in the condo. some of the most fun times and getting to know eachother is when it isn't planned and it's just hanging out at night.
this morning got up and went on a horseback riding trail with a few other people. it was fun. we had great timing too because now it's raining :) plan for the rest of the day is chilling, going to the miracle theater, then dgroup.
we only have one more full day here. CRAAZY! i feel like it's been an overall successful project and trip. yes, there are times and things we could've been more initative and intentional with. but what are you to expect? we cant be perfect. i won't dwell in regret of what i could've or should've done differently. but when i think, i can't think of anything i really wanted to do that i haven't gotten to. when we first got here, i wanted to do a lot of the touristy stuff, but now most of it seems kinda stupid and overpriced and not worth the time and effort. i've climbed the 2 highest mountains in tennessee, gone whitewater rafting, horseback riding, gotten to get to know 24 people i knew nothing about before hand, learned a whole stinkin lot about God and myself. i've been all over the national park, walked and know the strip by heart, seen the rain coming in over the mountains, seen rainbows, shopped the strip and outlet mall, gone to walmart, accidentally broke curfew once or twice, had a fried oreo, gone on a sunrise hike, danced in the rain, gone to dollywood, gone up the space needle and to ober gatlinburg, i've been successful at my job and gotten things accomplished that needed to be done. i've fallen more in love with God and His beautiful Creation. His people, this world, myself. legit.
and although i don't want to leave these people i've grown to deeply love, adore, and appreciate, to leave this national park that makes God so visible and tangible, to leave this condo that has become a home. it's time. it's time for us to leave eachother. realize even further all that God has done this summer in our hearts, in this city. to take what we've learned and put it to real life, to spread it. to continue the great work He has started in us.
so that we can be more than conquerers. to not just succeed, but have victory.
for every child of God defeats this evil world by trusting Christ to give the victory. -1 john 5:4

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