Thursday, July 29

an update...

again, internet with Lily is being stupid. says i'm connected and all that jazz but won't actually let me load anything. arg. good thing lots of other people have laptops that are feeling more cooperative. i haven't been online on lily for over a week. its definitely a weaning process.
anyways. monday was social, we went to abram's falls, hiked there, swam, and hiked back. it was good. a nice 2 mile each way relatively flat hike. beautiful waterfall too. got a bit frustrated, from lack of sleep and the such. it just seems to be easier to get annoyed with little things because i know these people so much better now and if i'm exhausted.
tuesday was my last day of work. REALLY weird. when i look back on it, i enjoyed working in the Bubba's market. however, i didn't always feel that way in the moment. i just have to focus on the fact that it wasn't a failure and that there's nothing i can do about what i did or didn't do now. it's nice to have huge empty days though. also had our last cru meeting. it was a time of sharing, great worship, and a semi-surprise speaker who was awesome.
wednesday. my first free actual sleep in day since i started work. ended up walking up and down the strip, shopping and such, and eating at blaine's with jessica and koffee. it was nice. i bought a pair of plum corduroy tom's shoes. had our last catered meal as a group too. again, weird.
today started interesting with a 5am wake-up call from koffee needing help getting to the airport. after getting back to sleep then re-awaking, we chilled some then went white water rafting. i hadn't ever done it before. i was expecting it to be a much bigger thrill than it actually was. but we got to talk to our guide, ana, and that was really good and cool. then had dinner at first baptist then our girls/guys panel, where we asked eachother questions. good stuff.
tomorrow i'm hiking leconte. excited but also kinda scared. but i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!
i'm learning/remembering/realizing a lot right now as project comes to an end. so much is wrapping up. and i'm loving this quality time i'm getting to spend with all of these wonderful people. wrote a letter to myself that virginia's gonna mail me after school starts. kinda excited for that time, to see what all i realize i've learned. these kind of things always seem to hit the most after it's over. its crazy because i feel like i've grown and learned so much already... how could i realize even more after it ends?
it's kinda sad thinking about this whole shindig being over. but God's got it all under control. life is a journey, growing and learning more all the time. and i'm excited to see how this summer will and has grown me closer to God. just lots of good stuff.
count it! *snap* ;)

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