Sunday, July 25


again, it's been a bit difficult getting internet... i'm actually on Virginia's computer right now... i've been on an emotional roller coaster lately, but overall really good. on tuesday we had a great speaker at cru, he talked about eagles and how God is like an eagle mother to us. protecting and watching over us but letting us take the leap of faith. it was just really good. thursday we had mens and women's time. so all us girls got to hang out. we were originally going to go hike chimney tops, but we heard it was a long, hard hike and it was going to be at least 8 by the time we got to start hiking and the sun sets at 9... so we decided chimney tops wasn't the best choice and ended up going to the sugarlands nature trail and sat on rocks by the river and talked. most of us just shared some of what we've been learning this summer. it was crazy how much of this stuff a bunch of us are learning together. like how to allow and encourage the guys to be leaders and be submissive and supportive in that. as you can imagine, as a group of girls, most of our talk ended up being about guys and/or emotions and the such. but i loved it :) some of us went and got ice cream on the strip after too, yum! friday night, ashley, a'chelle, orrie and i went and hiked chimney tops. it was amazing. it was a difficult hike... with my already tired body, not so great knees, a humid and hot climate, and an almost constant uphill effort... but boy was it worth it. the view from the top was AMAZING. the last 80 feet up or so was sheer slate, with a severe drop to either side. there was a small bit of flat ground at the top. it was just gorgeous. you could see for miles. below, we could see iris, waiting for us faithfully :) the sun wasn't setting yet (thank goodness, because it would've been a not great hike to do in pitch black), but it was getting close. according to orrie's finger trick, we had less than 3 hours before total darkness. it was just gorgeous. on the hike, i had moments were i just wanted to turn around or stop and let them go, knowing my body wasn't going to be capable. but i did! orrie also mentioned that hiking is an intensly spiritual thing for him. which i would agree with. you're surrounded by His creation, mostly untouched by development and the such. and if it's a hard hike, i find myself praying and singing to God most of the way, asking for strength and guidance. and boy, does He deliver. He also gives great views to reward you at the top! :) i was expecting to be unbearably sore the next morning, but i really wasn't. i could feel that i had done something, but nothing like the unbendable, stiff knees i was expecting. another blessing. thursday was also my last day of working the floor at Bubba's... not sure how i feel about that... :/ saturday was a definite roller coaster of feelings... excited and loving life at first, frustrated and then content at work, tired, sad/pessimistic/lie-believing, a bit more enlightened, content. i've had some good conversations with people here, esp virginia before bed, molly walking to work, and some with brittany too. just good stuff. today so far has been the usually church, nap and chill. band practice, prayer, and outreach later/soon. i'm really trying to focus on the present, especially since we only have like one more week here! ahh!! it's super hot and humid here... tuesday is my last day of work... weird! well, i've gotta go to band practice... hopefully i'll get internet on my own computer again soon... :p

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