Sunday, July 18


im just physically worn out right now. this has been my first whole week working 9 to 5. yesterday i was in stock and lifted and moved boxes practically the whole time. those things are heavy. i rearranged/cleaned out the stock room, which only had maybe a foot of space to walk in. talk about physically taxing. that plus the more active hours of work and seemingly less of sleep... i’m plum worn out. today i was on the floor, which isn’t quite as labor-intensive, but it’s still work. lots of standing and the such. and my tired exhaustion doesn’t at all help my relations with other people because i get frustrated a lot quicker at small things. :p
wednesday i went to a ‘quiet walkway’ for my reflection time. i was prepared for it to not be that great of a trail or whatever, but there was a surprise at the end! the trail itself was pretty boring, just surrounded by unkempt forest and weeds. however, i could gradually hear water, knowing i was coming closer and closer. as it got louder, all i could think was ‘dear Lord, bring me to Your living water, lead me there’ over and over. i could feel my pace quickening as it gradually got louder. i knew by then it wasn’t some tiny stream, but a river. i caught it in view, and within steps was there. it was gorgeous. a roaring river full of rocks and cascades and mini waterfalls. a treasure in the mundane. makes me think of a devotion i read the other night, about how the scenery might be dull and the path routine at the moment, there is a sparkling surprise just around the corner. praying that’s true in my outreach here in gatlinburg.

wrote that on friday.. just now posting it since i finally found internet and time.

now it's sunday late morning, and i'm feeling good. saturday work was busy. i was stock and ended up running back and forth from the front. i almost cracked and broke down from a simple thing like being told i couldn't get popcorn shrimp... all the exhaustion and hormones were catching up. but miraculously, yesterday and today, i just have this energy and excitement for life. i know that it could be nothing but God, because if it was only me doing this, i'd be dead and miserable. it's a great first-hand experience of the power and love He has for me. after work yesterday, i went shopping at old navy with bnor, had dgroup, and then went to sevierville and saw the movie inception. good movie, but it's one of those that can mess with your mind, so i have to guard that it doesn't. inception was all about getting into people's dreams and how the dreams would become reality to people and that we can't be for sure that this is reality not just a dream. it was still good though. :) mary and dylan are coming to visit today! already went to church, napped, and am eating. i've got a meeting at 1 and then band at 2 then i get to hang out with them :) it's also not too hot outside right now, so it feels wonderful out! :)

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