Tuesday, July 13


so i haven't even been on the internet since i last posted, which was like 4 days ago. i kinda feel bad for not keeping you updated, but i'm kinda enjoying this freedom from the internet too. partially, i just haven't had the time/chance/connection, but mostly it's just losing priority. the need to keep up with everything going on and see every facebook status and such that has gone on is fading. if something is big and important, they'll text me or call me or write me. sure, i should prob make a better effort ad keep up some, but at the moment it seems like an all or nothing thing, and i'm edging toward nothing. instead of using my time in the morning while i eat breakfast to get on the internet, i'm using it to delve deeper into God's Word and center the start of my day on Him.
now for my update on gburg...
saturday was usual work, then we had our first dgroup without the staff. went well, but still weird without Rachel. sunday was usual church (tried out pathways.. didn't really agree with the message... think i'm just gonna stick with first baptist), chill, band practice, eat, prayer (a prayer walk this time), and outreach. this week we did another game night. we didn't have as great of a turnout... i'm not sure if thats because we didn't pursue inviting as much or there was a week break or people got third and fourth jobs.. or a combination.
monday we had our social, this time we went to dollywood. it rained and poured the first half of our stay... rode some rides in the pouring rain... some things flooded and overflowed... but we embraced the rain and just got soaking wet and danced in it and jumped in puddles. good times. :) it finally cleared up but there still werent many people there... lines were short which was great. did more rides and the such. i think my favorite was either the wooden roller coaster or the fair swings. i love that feel of flying! then we came back, showered, napped, ate, and then a bunch of us drove to knoxville and went swing dancing. it was really fun. the full day made me really tired though.
at the moment, i'm doing good. losing some motivation to be at work, especially since we're all so tired. i hate it because we all have things we want to go do or just to hang out and talk around here, but so many of us are so tired that it doesn't happen, or if it does, it's half-heartedly. praying for strength and energy and remembering colossians 3:23, work hard and cheerfully at whatever you do as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. it's getting hot out here, so i shall go. i'll try to post more often... ;)

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