Thursday, August 19

oh yet another complication

so. doctor called back this morning. thankfully my bloodwork was normal. but. the bleeding i was/am having doesn't make them happy, so no more anti-inflammatory for me. my pain isn't bad enough at all for narcotics or anything so i'm demoted to only using tylenol. i can take 2 every 4 hours, but that's alot more of a pain than one pill at night/morning. i have a feeling i won't take it very often unless it's just really bad/unbareable and maybe at night so i can sleep... it's more of a hassle to remember to take it every 4 hours and i'd like to think i have a good pain tolerance... esp since it's just dull achy pain. sharp stabbing pain is harder to ignore, but you can pretty easily get used to the dull ache. at least at the level it's at now...
so we're at a crossroads yet again. the bleeding i was having (but didn't today...) could either be the sign of an autoimmune disorder, which could possibly tie in the joints and mouth ulcers, or it could be the relafen tearing up my system. hence the stop in relafen. i'd rather it be neither and not have any problems. but since i do... i'd rather it be the relafen i guess because then maybe i'm still a mild case and things arent getting worse... oh well. God only knows what's going on. and as long as someone knows, i can wait. esp if that one person that knows is the same one that knows everything about me and loves me unconditionally and would die for me. it's a pretty good deal i'd say... except the whole fact that my body is slowly deteriorating. oh well, who needs a body anyways? they're just shells to the spirit and all that good important stuff. i won't have it in heaven for eternity, so it doesn't really matter if it's a bit screwy here on earth. ;)

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