Sunday, August 8

yo yo yo

oh my, even after being home and having internet that works all the time, i've failed to update... :p
have been pretty lazy since i've been home... catching up on sleep and relax time. have seen a few people... read a book...
right now i'm just feeling excited about life. and trying to keep my focus on the present and His Presence. to look back with good memories of what has already happened this summer, but not dwell in the fact that it's over. and to look forward to what is to come, but not so much that i sweep past what is happening now. i'm excited about where i've come to and where i'm heading. i've still got plenty of stuff to work on and grow in, but the progress is exciting.
i'm excited about going back to school, seeing friends again, making new ones with the freshies, working to balance my life between school work, cru, choir, social stuff, and possibly a job or volunteering.
i'm excited about using what i've learned this summer and applying it and growing further and sharing it with others.
i'm excited about going camping with my family and hanging out with friends.
sure, i'm a bit worried and unsure about how everything will play out.
but i'd rather be excited and ready than scared and restricted.
not sure what else to say...

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