Thursday, February 10

a day.

the last day has been so crazy. yesterday was a typical day, nothing too crazy or exciting. ended up watching the duke/carolina game with some friends. it was real fun to just hang out and watching the reactions as i was with people cheering for opposite sides. the community that is in this place again came out when one friend helped another deal with some problems too big to handle on her own anymore. it was just good. then the obligatory college night cookout run. i had stayed up way later than i should've but stayed up even later and had some real legit Jesus time. finally layed down to go to sleep and within 5 minutes, i could taste blood so i knew i had a nosebleed. got up to deal with it and while doing so watched it gently snow outside. once it stopped bleeding i went to bed finally. after only like 5 or 6 hours of sleep, i awoke feeling alive and ready for the day. not tired. and as i went to put my contacts in i realized that i could already see and had apparently slept in them without realizing it (i think the first time i've ever done that). then off to my busy day of class, weight training, lifeguarding where i swam 750m straight for the first time, lunch, had a bit of chill time where i sat on a bench in the sun and listened to jesus culture- so good, organic lab, choir, piano practice, dinner, bible study, and now in my room. and until i just know sat down knowing the day is done, do i feel tired. i know some of this is just adrenaline, but even if it is all just chemicals in my body (epinephrine and norepinephrine to be exact), i thank God for it. this last 24 hours or so has seemed like forever but it has been so great. the joy of the Lord is in my heart and everything just seemed to work out. anatomy was interesting and i didn't dream of being back in bed while in class. my body had the strength to workout then hardcore swim. the beautiful thin dusting of snow i woke up to and the beautiful cloudless sky and sunny warmth. theres just nothing i can do but praise God for it all. i don't have words to describe it. it's just crazy how much things can change in a day.

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