Wednesday, October 19

break :)

breaks are pretty much the best invention ever.  this past weekend/few days was fall break, and it was perfect.  just the right amount of time to really relax but not get stir-crazy.  i got to hang out with my sister and family.  we saw the pretty leaves in the mountains, carved pumpkins, made and consumed apple crisp, and went on a family walk with the pup.  it was great.  the best way i know of to bring in the fall season.  and of course it was 80 and sunny yesterday when i got back to hickory but is now 60 and rainy, oh hickory...

it's been an interesting last couple weeks in the life of me, ups and downs but overall good.  been reading Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman, legit.  go buy it! there's so many things i thought i was over that i'm not and it's been great to find out that other people feel the same about different things, even people i look up to like Emily (my high school youth pastor's wife).   i really wanna go sunrise hiking this saturday, so we'll see if that works out or not... here's my sister and i's pumpkins:

hers is the quirky one on the left and mine is the simple one on the right ;) 

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